individual-tax-preparationFiling tax returns can be a very confusing process, especially when you have mortgages, rental homes, children, investment accounts and various other aspects that affect your return. Archibald Tax Service is dedicated to providing exceptional individual tax preparation services. From extremely time consuming tax returns to fairly simple ones, you can guarantee we can handle the job.

Archibald Tax Service works extremely hard through the tax season to prepare and file individual tax returns before the filing deadline. Our priority is to complete your tax paperwork accurately and completely, while ensuring we utilize all available deductions and credits that apply to your situation. Our many years of tax preparation experience and our returning clientele are proof that Archibald Tax Service is your #1 choice for individual tax preparation and filing.

If you have a tax preparation appointment with Archibald Tax Service, please see our “Personal Tax Checklist” under our “What To Bring” section. This will ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork needed for your appointment. If you have any questions about our individual services or what paperwork to bring, feel free to call or email us!